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Tama Laundry Plus For Businesses

Owning small business can be hard enough. Don't let laundry take any more of your hard-earned time. We offer monthly subscription packages created for different types of businesses and their needs. Save 10% and lock in rates with our yearly subscriptions.

Starter Package.png

Starter Package - $74.99 month

Perfect for small businesses wanting to try out a laundry service without overpaying for smaller loads. Take advantage of FREE laundry, No Service Fees, and a reduced rate of $2.25/lb.

Professional PAckage.png

Professional Package - $224.99 month

Perfect for professional offices such as Dr. offices, healthcare providers, and Dentists. Get 40lbs of FREE laundry, NO Service Fees, 20 items on hangers FREE, reusable bag service, 2 FREE laundered blankets, and a reduced rate of $2.25/lb.


Hospitality Package - $499.99 month

Perfect for Airbnb's and vacation rental owners. Get 75lbs of FREE laundry, NO Service Fees, reusable bag service, 4 FREE laundered blankets, 4 FREE laundered comforters and UNLIMITED pounds at a reduced rate of $2.25/lb.

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