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It's your first laundry delivery!

Welcome to a laundry free world! We know the whole laundry pick up and deliver service may be new. Here is what to expect on your first order.

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Free Pick Up & Next Day Delivery

First Laundry Delivery

How does it work

Ready to join the Tama Laundry family? Signing up for our dry cleaning and laundry service is simple, easy and convenient. Just create an account and customize your preferences. We'll take care of the rest!

On the day of pick up, pack your dirty clothes in plastic bags or your own laundry bags. Our drivers will then place them into our labeled plastic bags for transport. 

24 hours later your clean clothes will be neatly packaged in sealed plastic bags and delivered back to you.

Save even more time and money when you sign up for Tama Laundry Plus Program.

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First Laundry Delivery

How do I get started?

Create a profile or log in to schedule your laundry pick up


Choose your preferences, pick up and drop off locations, billing information and Include any special instructions for our team.

You will receive a text message to confirm your booking after you have successfully submitted and paid for your order.

First Laundry Delivery

I don't have bags yet, what do I use?

We encourage our drivers to keep things as safe as possible and most customers find it more convenient not to be present during the pickup process.

Leave your dirty laundry in garbage bags or your own reusable bags for our drivers to pick up. We kindly ask that you avoid sending hampers or hangers as they are prone to damage.


When we return your clean laundry, it'll come back in either plastic or our reusable laundry bags for easy reuse next time! Enjoy worry-free laundry with Tama Laundry - sign up now for an unbeatable service.

Are you a part of the Tama Laundry Plus Gold or Platinum subscription? If so, you'll receive an exclusive reusable laundry bag when your first order is delivered. You can purchase additional bags from us too! 

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First Laundry Delivery

Do I need to separate my whites and colors?

Please separate all loads prior to pick up.

You can choose mixed wash, which is everything washed and dried together, or you can opt for load separations.

Each load separation is subject to a 20-pound min charge. You can have less than 20 pounds, but that is still the charge. If you join our Tama Laundry Plus Program, all load separations are reduced to a 10-pound minimum weight charge.

First Laundry Delivery

Do I need to be home for pick up and delivery?

You don't need to be home for your scheduled pickup and delivery - in fact, most people prefer to just leave their clothes out for our drivers.

Add any order notes - such as the location for pickups and deliveries (e.g. back porch, by garage door, concierge desk) - for successful pickups and deliveries every time. You'll receive notifications along the way and we'll take care of it from there!

Check out Waikiki Laundry Service Guide. If you're staying in Waikiki. Most properties allow you to leave your bag at a front or bell desk.

First Laundry Delivery

How long does it take?

Your clothes are returned in 24 hours for no additional cost!

We pick up and drop in the evenings between 4:30PM - 8PM depending on your location. The exact time frame will be shown during sign up and based off of your location.

Same day service for Honolulu is also available for and additional $24.95 per order.

First Laundry Delivery

How are clean clothes packed for delivery?

Your clothes are returned neatly stacked and vacuum sealed in labeled plastic bags. ​

We try and keep your clothing together as much as possible to make it easy to put a way. We fold children's clothes together, adults, etc. so that your entire family's clothes are well organized.

If you have one of our reusable Tama Laundry bags, your sealed plastic bags will be returned inside them as well.

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First Laundry Delivery

How do most people use Tama Laundry?

Our services are flexible and so are our our customer's needs.

The majority of our customers are families who use Tama Laundry every week which allows them a predictable schedule. They send about 1 - 3 bags per week.

However, there are others who would rather have all their laundry pile up - meaning they only need one large pick up per month.

Others use Tama Laundry as a helper when their laundry gets backed up or they need a replacement for their washing machine in times of emergency. In fact, there's a large group of people who only send us their sheets and towels during their seasonal deep cleaning.

Our point is that we provide a solution for whatever your laundry needs may be. Tama is a day-saver which can really come in handy.

Try us out a couple of times, see where you find a schedule that fits perfect to your needs. Trust us, we've got you covered covered. 

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Free Pick Up & Next Day Delivery

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